A Tale about Testing

February 09, 2017

If you ever wonder about the testing that goes prior to a pattern release, here is a short story for you.

Testing a Crochet Pattern
Testing a Crochet Pattern

Initially I had 3 testers for my new Sideways Ribbed Hat pattern. Neither testers had done Tunisian crochet before. I usually send almost final patterns for testing, but this time I sent them an early draft. At this point there were no images, no intro, just a short description.

One had to drop out due to technical issues and one quickly admitted she would never be able to do this. The third stayed and made a beautiful hat, but she is also a very experienced crocheter and was keen to learn Tunisian crochet here and now.

Tester image of a Sideways Ribbed Hat
I got a bit insecure about the 2 testers dropping out, so I called for help in a Tunisian crochet group on Facebook and got more testers. Luckily these girls were unstoppable and grew very fond of the pattern.

Tester quotes:
"I absolutely love this hat and pattern! It's my favorite hat I've ever made, it feels so good on my head."
"I'm really, really enjoying this pattern."

All of them finalized the testing without any issues with the pattern and as always; the testers - including the Tunisian newbie - gave me good ideas of how the pattern could be improved.

I've added a lot more images and so on to the pattern since then. You can find the pattern at LoveCrafts.

Thanks again for the testing and the positive feedback girls!

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