The Chainless Row Start / Start with a Fake Stitch · II

November 29, 2016

Start a new row with a fake crochet stitch
Earlier I wrote about how to Start a New Row with a Fake Stitch.
Also called no-chain double crochet/treble crochet or chainless double crochet.

I've gotten more questions about this - especially for other stitches than double crochet.

So here is an elaboration on the subject.


Avoid these holes in your crochet projects
As you might remember, the fake stitch is a substitute to turning around with 2 or more chains. I'm using it for two reasons:
  • a better stitch-like look
  • a fitting height
The fake stitch looks more like a regular stitch than chains do. Plus its height is more likely to fit the other stitches in the row. Meaning you can avoid annoying holes in the edges of your work.

Half Double Crochet

How to chain 1 and hdc in first stitch
I think most people do a chain. And I've asked around and, some say, they don't count it as a stitch. It means that they immediately make a hdc in the first available stitch - instead of skipping that one as you would usually do. This hides the gap, there might be otherwise.

So a hdc row works like this:
  • chain 1 (doesn't count as a stitch)
  • hdc in first stitch (= do NOT skip first stitch)
  • hdc all the way

Another Half Double Crochet

I only showed the fake stitch for double crochet in my previous blog post. Then I briefly mentioned that the technique could be used for other stitches as well.

Now, for half double crochet, you can also use the exact same fake stitch as for double crochet. Maybe making it a bit tighter. Tighten the loop on the hook before you turn the hook around the yarn and tighten the loop right after the stitch is finished. This only to avoid the top gets loose and make the fake stitch look sloppy next to the hdc.

For your convenience I made a little video here.


Different hook/yarn combinations might require one or the other technique. I think the first solution is really, really good and I might use that from now on when doing hdc rows. Only if I do mixed stitches, I might use the second method, so I don't lose count of my stitches.

Here are the two examples side by side.

Comparing Fake hdc/dc with chain

Treble Crochet

A treble crochet stitch starts by turning the hook around the yarn twice instead of once. I think it is pretty hard to get it nice and even, but practice makes better and 'A Stitch Less Ordinary' does a really nice job in her video.
- - - -

If you need to take another look at the initial tutorial, you will find it here: Start a New Row with a Fake Stitch.

Feel free to write to me if something is still unclear.

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