The Picky Pillow

November 03, 2017

The Picky Pillow pattern is now available. The pillow is designed to support you when you crochet or knit - or just want to relax.

Picky Pillow. Supports you when you crochet or knit.

The Tunisian twisted stitch pattern is used and a full photo tutorial for this is included in the pattern, so all you have to know in advance, is the Tunisian simple stitch and how to do regular single crochet.


For a limited time only, the pattern is available at an INTRODUCTION PRICE.

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Buy the Pattern

The pattern is available in English (US terms) from Ravelry and LoveCrafts. It is also available in Danish, where it is called 'Pernitten Pude'. Find the Danish version at LoveCrafts and Ravelry.

About the Pattern

As usual you get a pattern with lots of photos and guidance helping you out.


The main part of the pillow is worked in rows back and forward. You will need a cro-hook / double-ended hook for this. With or without cable. This also means that the length of your cro-hook doesn't matter much, as you don't have to do a full forward pass before you start a return pass.

The Tunisian Twisted Stitch Pattern

Inner Pillow

In the pattern I suggest using an inner pillow. This is optional as the stitches are tight enough to hold the filling in. Personally I think and inner pillow gives you a more expensive-looking pillow, and it will of course also help the pillow stay in shape. So instructions for making an inner pillow are included. And it is NOT difficult to make one.


The pattern also includes instructions for adjusting the pillow size any way you want. So it can fit any inner pillow you have already or whatever you decide you need.


It has been quite a journey to make this pattern. No less than three testers have helped me out and once again, I'm surprised how much testing can improve a pattern. Thank you to Marjolein, Ewa, and Karen!

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Picky Pillow.

If you have any questions, just ask. You can find me here, on Ravelry or Facebook.

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