Crochet a Cord with an Eye

July 28, 2017

There are many ways to crochet a cord or strap. With or without an eye. And more or less elegant, when it comes to hide and weave in the loose ends.

Crochet a Cord witn an Eye

I like a method, where both yarn ends are easy to hide afterwards. Here is a tutorial of how to do that.


I'm doing slip stitches on the return pass (#3), but you can do single crochet stitches, if you prefer that.

I also like to crochet into the back bump of the chains, so that is what I show you here. But you choose where to insert your hook, as long as you are consistent.

Oh - And forget about the eye, if you dont want that. Then you just turn and crochet back again.
  1. Make a row of chains as long as you want your cord including length for an eye.
Crochet a row of chains

  1. Make the eye.
    1. Remove your hook from the current yarn loop
    2. Insert the hook into the stitch, where you want the bottom of the eye to be.
    3. Insert the hook back into the current loop (photo)
Make the eye

  1. Yarn over and pull through. You have an eye. Make slip stitches all the way around the eye (arrow).
Crochet around the eye

  1. When you reach the bottom of the eye, make sure you hook into the stitch closest to the eye. Then crochet all the way down the cord.
Remember the stitch closest to the eye

  1. Hook into the last chain. Make a slip stitch. Cut the yarn and fasten of.

Cord and eye done

You are done. Nice work!
Now you have both loose yarn ends at the end of your cord.

About Cord Length

If you are using cords for kids toy, then make sure they are safe to play with. Most countries have their own recommendations according to the length. Follow the guidelines of your country.

In Europe 22 cm (8.5 inch) is the recommended max length for a cord. At US webpages, I have seen 7 inch (18 cm) as a recommended max length.

Here are a few links related to toy safety standards.

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  1. I absolutely love this !!! Ive been wondering just how to do something just like this. The directions are easy enough to follow, as long as you read all of it before you start the project. they will make Great leads for when i make my Travelwezz. can't wait to try this out in different lengths to see what one looks best.
    Thank You,
    Maria in Wisconsin


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